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With its flexible shower hose, the BLANCO VIU-S offers plenty of freedom of movement. Not only can you reach into every corner of your sink, but you can also fill tall-sided vases or pots with ease. The special feature of this compact mixer tap is that it comes with a set of changeable hose covers in four accent colours: chrome/lava grey, chrome/orange, chrome/lemon and chrome/kiwi. The choice is yours, and you can swap them around to suit your taste. The mixer tap is safe and easy to use, with a hook-on spray, side-operated control level and an energy-saving cold-start function.

Changeable hose covers in four on-trend colours


Do you want everything in your kitchen to be colour-coordinated? Thanks to the changeable hose covers in four different colours, you can create striking accents at your sink. Every time you pull the spout out of the mixer tap, you'll see the hose in its trendy hue. And swapping them over couldn't be easier: you can remove the old hose cover and slip the new one on in just a few steps. It's completely up to you how often you want to change the hose cover. For instance, you might fancy changing it to fit with each season.


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BLANCO FINESS proves eye-catching with its clean, slender lines. Its minimalistic design works particularly well with smaller sinks and kitchen styles that favour elegant understatement. In terms of the finish, you can choose between a solid stainless steel model and a chrome version. Practical: the control lever can be custom-fitted to meet your requirements: on the left, right or in the middle, according to your own preference and the kitchen space. In practical terms, BLANCO FINESS’ high outlet proves it worth by filling large vessels with ease. As the outlet can be swivelled 360°, reaching even the furthest corners presents no problem, e.g. if you want to give your draining surface a thorough rinse-down.


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It’s the ultimate in smartness. BLANCO FONTAS provides three options: warm, cold and filtered cold water. With its integrated BWT multi-stage filter, the mixer tap purifies the water, reduces limescale and heavy metal content and thus appreciably enhances the taste. A single mixer tap does all 3 in 1. The BLANCO FONTAS-S II Filter is also notable for its pull-out spout for warm and cold water and filtered water. This spout allows flexible use around the sink, making it easy to fill household appliances like your kettle or coffee machine reservoir with filtered water. A fresh solution that tastes great. The two separate control levers for cold and warm water on the right-hand side and the control lever for filtered water on the left-hand side ensure that you can always get exactly the type of water that you want at any given moment.

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Mixer taps from the BLANCO JETA range are impressive for their ergonomic design in an array of colour versions. The elegantly curved spout is positioned to the side and is designed to reach particularly high, allowing you to fill large pots and vases with ease. The control lever is to the left of the spout, making it ideally placed for right-handed users. If you opt for a mixer tap from the JETA range, you can choose from an array of colour shades, whether in the classic chrome version or in coloured Silgranit-look versions. This allows you to pair your JETA mixer tap perfectly with a granite sink made of Silgranit in the same colour, bring

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BLANCO JURENA creates a visual play through elements of classic modernism. The high, slender outlet rises up from the compact, cylindrical mixer tap body, before stretching out in a horizontal line. But not completely: it slopes gently right before coming to an end. This play of shapes is also reflected in the high-set ergonomic control lever, which also extends upwards. In practical terms, the height of the outlet makes it easy to fill vases and large pots. BLANCO JURENA-S offers even greater flexibility thanks to its extendible outlet. The highlight feature is the hand-spout, which is concealed so effectively that is goes almost completely unnoticed. As such, the JURENA-S also has the appearance of being ‘cast from a single piece of metal’.

Extendible hose


BLANCO mixer taps with an extendible hose meet all the expectations of a modern kitchen mixer tap. Regardless of whether your kitchen is compact or spacious, S-shaped mixer tap models with a pull-out hose provide greater operating comfort when using sinks of any size or design. Whether you want to rinse your sink down quickly after washing up to get any foam off the edges of the bowl, or fill up a high-sided container. The different hose systems give you an extended range of action at your individually selected bowl. These flexible hose systems offer you maximum convenience as you go about your kitchen tasks, and soon you won’t want to be without them.

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The mixer taps from the BLANCO KANO range are notable for their aesthetic design and slender shape. The clean lines and rounded design of the spout and control element give this mixer tap a delicate look. As such, mixer taps from the KANO range fit perfectly into all sorts of different interior styles. What's more, the models are available both in a chrome version and in an array of colours, allowing you to combine your KANO mixer tap with a granite sink made of Silgranit in the same shade. Your sink thus becomes an eye-catching feature within a harmonious kitchen design. The KANO series from BLANCO is also impressive in terms of functionality: the upward-rising line of the spout makes it particularly well suited to compact sinks. The spout of the S-version can be pivoted 120 degrees, or 360 degrees for the fixed version, making washing up and working at your sink all the more convenient. Your KANO mixer tap can also be equipped with a pull-out spout upon request, making cleaning larger pots and pans an absolute breeze.

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BLANCO LANORA – a clean mixer tap design for modern kitchens. The solid hight-quality stainless steel plays a huge part in the overall impression here. Little details such as the radial brushed surfaces of the control elements round out the look. Our LANORA kitchen mixer taps also feature a range of impressive functions. The particularly high outlet makes filling large pots and vases even easier. Installing it in front of back panels is also a breeze thanks to the vertical control lever. Window-facing versions are also available in the LANORA-F and LANORA-S-F models. This mixer tap can be installed in a number of ways, as you can simply lift it out and place it beside the sink, allowing you to open the window. With the BLANCO LANORA-S version, you also benefit from a pull-out spout, which makes cleaning fruit and vegetables or the sink bowl itself particularly easy.

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Our modern-look LARESSA-F kitchen mixer tap is suited to installing in front of windows. The special thing about it is that you can retract the outlet in a single movement, so that it folds down into the bowl, while the remaining fitting is less than 7 cm high. Thanks to the optimised installed height, you can stow the outlet securely in the bowl without bumping into it. The folding process is cushioned and the mixer taps locks in place, thus preserving the mechanism over the long term. The side-mounted control lever can be installed on the right or left. The elegant outlet not only makes filling pots and vases easier, but also enhances your kitchen as a design element.

Fold-down window-facing mixer tap


Being able to look out of the window as you work at the sink is a huge plus. With its range of mixer taps for window installation, BLANCO offers optimal solutions for sinks with a view of the outdoors. The modern window-facing LARESSA-F mixer tap is equipped with a convenient folding mechanism. It can be folded up in seconds, in just one movement, and lowered into the bowl. This allows you to open the window quickly and all the way, as the spout is completely lowered into the bowl. When folded up, the tap structure is only 6.5 cm high. An audible click at the top and bottom ends is a sure sign that the mixer tap has returned to its fully functional position once again. The side control level, which can be selected to go on the left or right, is particularly practical, as is the high spout of the LARESSA-F, which ensures that high-sided vessels are easy to fill with water. Thanks to this convenient technology, you can enjoy a completely new experience at the sink, with the window wide open.

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This kitchen mixer taps, which was awarded the world-famous Red Dot Product Design Award, is a truly iconic design. BLANCO LINEE stainless steel mixer taps embody geometric clarity. The various surfaces on offer can be perfectly coordinated with BLANCO STEELART products. In stainless steel satin polish, BLANCO LINEE goes beautifully with BLANCO FLOW-IF and CLARON bowls and sinks without a tap ledge. The matt stainless steel option goes well with sinks from the CLARON range with a tap ledge. The BLANCO LINEE-S mixer tap model also comes with an extendible outlet. You could also opt for a dual colourway for an exact match with the coloured SILGRANIT-look sinks and bowls. With this rich array of possible combinations, this version gives you everything you could need from an exclusive mixer tap design.

Stainless steel mixer tap


If you set great store by the highest-quality materials when fitting out your kitchen, then a stainless steel mixer tap is a must. Made of solid stainless steel, these BLANCO premium mixer taps can withstand even the toughest demands. The harmonious metal surfaces not only look great, but also provide a pleasant feel as you go about your daily tasks. Certain models also feature a lavish radial brushed surface.

One interesting feature of stainless steel is that it will maintain its shine over time, given the proper care. Stainless steel is also a regenerating material. As the surface comes into contact with oxygen, scratches become fainter or may disappear altogether. There’s no doubt about it: stainless steel mixer taps are a clear sign of high-quality kitchen design. They embody durability and timeless elegance. You’ll be enjoying your sink and mixer tap for many years to come! 

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LINUS has been one of BLANCO’s most popular ranges of mixer taps for years. This is due in no small part to its minimalistic, contemporary design: the wide cylindrical base with its transverse control lever exudes stability, without appearing bulky. This is adjoined by the slender, right-angled outlet, which makes it easy to fill even tall-sided vases and large pots. The BLANCO LINUS-S version also has an extendible outlet, offering greater flexibility for kitchen tasks. The Vario version of the LINUS-S also allows you to change to the practical wide spray mode, should you feel the need – ideal for scrubbing vegetables. If you’re looking to install the mixer tap in front of your kitchen window, then BLANCO LINUS-F is your best bet. This model can simply be pulled out and positioned next to the sink. LINUS is available in a number of different metal surfaces and colours, for precise colour matching with your kitchen. A wonderfully eye-catching feature in any modern kitchen!

Pull-out spray


Mixer taps with a pull-out spray aren’t just the preserve of professional chefs. Enthusiastic home cooks also love their flexibility and versatility. Kitchen mixer taps with a pull-out spray offer a wider radius of action within the bowl. This makes filling up pots and other high-sided vessels like vases a breeze. This practical function also pays off when it comes to cleaning the bowl and the drainer. The switch-back function makes working at the sink even more convenient. Switch between normal and shower spray at the touch of the button; for instance, the shower spray is good for rinsing delicate berries or herbs. No matter which model you opt for, a mixer tap with a retractable pull-out spray marks an upgrade for your kitchen.

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If you want to add real design accents to your kitchen, then head straight for the BLANCO LIVIA. Opt for the retro-look mixer tap for a fresh take on country-house style, ideally in the brushed brass finish. Alternatively, you could enhance your industrial loft-look interior with BLANCO LIVIA in dark manganese. And if you fancy something a bit more modern, go for the chrome version. BLANCO LIVIA is as practical as it is diverse: As a mixer tap that forms part of an overall system design, a matching soap dispenser and a pop-up drain button are also available. Like the mixer tap, these parts feature beautiful decorative elements, especially at the transitions.

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Elegant and exciting design: the mixer taps from the BLANCO LOMIS range feature a clean, straight-lined design in solid stainless steel. The elegant, right-angled spout is particularly tall and can pivot 360 degrees, making it easier to fill large pots or vases. What's more, the front part of the spout can also be turned, allowing you greater flexibility when working at the sink. The elegant appearance of the brushed surface structure allows you to pair your LOMIS mixer tap with your own personal kitchen style to perfection. If you wish, you can also get your LOMIS mixer tap with a pull-out spout. This makes giving the drainer a quick clean or filling large pots with water a piece of cake. What's more, the elegant LOMIS mixer taps are also available in low-pressure versions.