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CARENA BLANCO | west Vancouver bc Canada - Grmarine


BLANCO CARENA is notable for its lively design. The base comprises a compact mixer tap body with a elegantly sweeping, side-mounted control piece. Above this rises the arched outlet, which due to its height is particularly well suited to filling vases or large pots. The light, unobtrusive design of BLANCO CARENA makes it a harmonious addition to modern kitchen environments. The BLANCO CARENA-S Vario model offers even greater versatility. The concealed, extendible pull-out spray, adjustable at the touch of a button between two different types of jet: a thicker bead jet, e.g. for filling vases, and the finer, wider spray mode, ideal for cleaning the sink. The wide range of colour options allow precise colour-matching with stainless steel and Silgranit sinks.

Pull-out spray


Mixer taps with a pull-out spray aren’t just the preserve of professional chefs. Enthusiastic home cooks also love their flexibility and versatility. Kitchen mixer taps with a pull-out spray offer a wider radius of action within the bowl. This makes filling up pots and other high-sided vessels like vases a breeze. This practical function also pays off when it comes to cleaning the bowl and the drainer. The switch-back function makes working at the sink even more convenient. Switch between normal and shower spray at the touch of the button; for instance, the shower spray is good for rinsing delicate berries or herbs. No matter which model you opt for, a mixer tap with a retractable pull-out spray marks an upgrade for your kitchen.