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Elongated Dual-Flush Toilet

Beautifully designed for easy installation, maximum flush and water savings, this Delta® WaterSense® labeled two-piece toilet offers everything you need. Delta ® Dual-Flush Toilets allow you to choose between an efficient 1.1gpf for liquid waste or a full 1.6gpf for solid waste, helping you save water and money without compromising on performance. Delta toilets feature the exclusive SmartFit® tank-to-bowl connection, which reduces potential leak points and helps prevent over-tightening of the fasteners connecting the tank to the bowl, which can result in cracking in the toilet. Utilizing a metal bracket on the bottom of the tank to secure the bolts to the bowl, the SmartFit tank-to-bowl connection eliminates the need for holes typically found in the bottom of the tank. For the convenience of the installer, the three bolts on Delta toilets are preassembled to the mounting plate.

  • Choose 1.1gpf efficient flush or 1.6gpf for a more powerful clean
  • Two flush options help you save water and money with every flush without compromising on performance
  • Push-button flush design
  • Exclusive SmartFit® Tank-to-Bowl Connection reduces potential leak points and over-tightening of the fasteners, which could crack the toilet
  • Comes with the three bolts preassembled to the mounting plate, making installation a breeze
  • Powerful HydroWash™ Flush for a cleaner bowl
  • Exceptional flushing power engineered for clog-free performance
  • Features ADA compliant Chair Height to make sitting down and standing up easier
  • 2" fully glazed trapway
  • Elongated bowl offers a more comfortable seat
  • Choose an efficient flush or full flush
  • Exclusive SmartFit tank-to-bowl connection
  • Backed by Delta Faucet’s Lifetime Limited Warranty
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