Perfection is everything working just as it should – BLANCO EVOL mixer taps and drinking water systems in particular are equipped with practical features that make day-to-day kitchen life much easier and thus offer you a unique kitchen experience. Whether the water is destined for a tumbler or a carafe, the volume can be set using the convenient scaling wheel on the left-hand side of the mixer tap. A sensor-based touchpoint is integrated into the front of it. It only takes a light tap on this element to run the processed and refined water. This means that water consumption can be handled not only in an environmentally conscious way, but also as appropriate to the situation. Sparkling filtered water infused with carbonic acid in 3 quantity pre--settings is available on tap thanks to the EVOL-S Pro Soda& Filter. Or you could opt for deliciously filtered water with the EVOL-S Pro filter. The EVOL-S Pro Hot& Filter provides filtered water at temperatures all the way up to boiling. The mixer tap range promises instant refreshment in your glass, cooking pot or teacup, all at the touch of a button.

Drink.soda EVOL-S Pro


Three settings. Refreshingly smart. BLANCO's 5-in-1 mixer tap supplies you with hot or cold filtered water as well as chilled, filtered drinking water carbonated for three settings: still, medium and sparkling. Buying, storing and lugging around crates of sparkling water is now a thing of the past!