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Outline Vesper Lighting

  • Seamless and flush aesthetic that can be ganged with medicine cabinets
  • Dimmable lighting lets you select the ideal brightness for any task
  • Energy efficient LED lights
  • Available in Soft White (3000K) that replicate indoor light
  • Modular lighting can be ganged with M Series, PL PORTRAY and PL Series cabinets

Seamless and Flush Aesthetic

Seamless and flush aesthetic creates a visually clean cabinet and light installation when ganged with M Series, PL PORTRAY and PL Series medicine cabinets.

Ambient Lighting

Vesper Lighting provides ambient lighting for a room with a soft glow that envelops a space and onto the wall with enough light to function and provides a consistent level of lighting.

Soft White LED Lighting

Soft, relaxing tones (3000K) replicate indoor light to help you unwind before bed or ease into your morning.


Dimmable LED to add ambiance and can be used as a night light to allow for wayfinding at night for safe trips to the bathroom, using most standard residential dimmers that work with your home's existing wiring.

High Color Rendering Index (CRI)

Vesper Lighting offers remarkably accurate color rendering with a CRI value of 90+, so you can see your truest reflection. Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures an artificial light source’s ability to reveal the colors of objects faithfully in comparison with natural light. Sunlight has a perfect CRI of 100. The higher the number of CRI to 100, the more the person will be clear, bright and as close to how they would appear in an outdoor, natural setting. Using lighting with low CRI results in a flat, dull appearance.

Color Rendering - R9 Value

Vesper Lighting offers an R9 value of 50+. An R9 value of 50+ in conjunction with a CRI of 90+ is needed to accurately render colors, bring out skin tones and accurately match makeup to skin tone.

  • Installation

    Ease of installation: build the lighting and cabinet configuration prior to placing in the wall using keyhole installation brackets and quick plug-in wire connectors, making installation a cinch.

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