Shagreen Caxton® OvalUndermount bathroom sink K-77635-SSP-product-view

Shagreen Caxton® OvalUndermount bathroom sink K-77635-SSP

The Shagreen collection celebrates the subtle coloring and distinctive pebbled texture of natural shark and ray leather. Inspired by oil spot glazes that originated in China during the Song Dynasty, a two-step glaze process uses minerals to create an interplay of shimmery and matte effects. A striking complement to the oval Caxton sink, the rich glazed finish shows iridescent pearly tones and a gently granulated texture similar to leather. Each sink's pattern, formed through an organic process, is unique.




KOHLER | minus

  • Decorated with a subtly textured shagreen design in Ebony Pearl or Oyster Pearl.
  • Oval basin.
  • Fits standard 14- x 17-inch countertop cutout.


  • Vitreous china.


  • No faucet holes; requires wall- or counter-mount faucet.
  • Undermount.
Shagreen Caxton® OvalUndermount bathroom sink K-77635-SSP-brand