BLANCO SORA combines a traditional design with cutting-edge features. Curved shapes and country house-style details give a warm look to this mixer tap, which comes in a chrome or brass look. Their particular sophistication lies in their technical features: BLANCO SORA is a convenient 3-in-1 mixer tap with two mixer levers in a traditional design. While you use the right mixer lever to control the cold and hot water, a rotary knob on the left-hand side provides filtered water. There is also an integrated spout with a special jet regulator for filtered and unfiltered water, allowing you to control both types of water separately. This means that you can enjoy perfectly hygienic drinking water straight from the tap, while also enhancing your kitchen fittings with the striking look of the BLANCO SORA. The mixer tap's practical functions also include the 360 degree-pivoting spout, which enables you to reach all areas of the sink with ease.