Design-lovers don’t need to sacrifice user-friendliness! Our modern BLANCO TIVO mixer tap proves as much. The elegant design is instantly eye-catching, with its sleek, cylindrical base and curved outlet. One playful detail is the control lever, which is mounted at a slant and thus points upwards in parallel with the outlet. Thanks to the many colour options, TIVO is also easy to combine with both stainless steel and SILGRANIT sinks. TIVO also boasts impressive practical features: The BLANCO TIVO-S model allows you to switch between two different kinds of spray with ease: use the wider bead jet to fill a flowerpot, for instance, then change over to the finer shower spray to rinse potting soil out of the bowl. The BLANCO TIVO-F model can also be lifted vertically and set to the side, making it ideal for installation in front of a window.

Removable window-facing mixer tap


BLANCO also offers various window-facing mixer taps that allow quick and easy opening of windows next to the sink. The simplest solution for easy mixer tap removal also provides the greatest freedom when it comes to window and kitchen planning, thanks to flexible hoses and a special base for the mixer tap. For the mixer tap model without a pull-out hose, you need a distance of just 2.5 cm between the window sash and the sink. The tap can be pulled upright within the space of seconds, then laid down to the side of the sink. Reassembling it is just as easy. All this means that nothing stands in the way of you opening and shutting the window.

Extendible hose


BLANCO mixer taps with an extendible hose meet all the expectations of a modern kitchen mixer tap. Regardless of whether your kitchen is compact or spacious, S-shaped mixer tap models with a pull-out hose provide greater operating comfort when using sinks of any size or design. Whether you want to rinse your sink down quickly after washing up to get any foam off the edges of the bowl, or fill up a high-sided container. The different hose systems give you an extended range of action at your individually selected bowl. These flexible hose systems offer you maximum convenience as you go about your kitchen tasks, and soon you won’t want to be without them.