When you’re making tea, putting together your own bottled water or using ice cubes, you want to know that you have high-quality water you can rely on. The superb, limescale-reduced quality water provided by the BLANCO TRIMA gets it exactly right, and you can taste the difference. The filtering system provides three options: warm, cold and filtered cold water. An integrated BWT multi-stage filter purifies the water, reduces limescale and heavy metal content and thus appreciably enhances the taste. Filtered and unfiltered tap water flows completely separately through the pipes and the spout. As such, it is never mixed. You always have the choice.

Save energy with the cold-start function


Not only do mixer taps with a cold-start function save energy, but they also give you greater freedom when planning your kitchen. Mixer taps with this feature have a control lever that has cold start as its default setting. As such, when you lift the lever, you get cold water first, rather than hot water flowing immediately. The water boiler or flow heater is only switched on when required, which significantly reduces power consumption. One major plus is that the lever remains vertical in the zero setting. This allows you to install your sink and mixer tap closer to the wall, which is a particular plus for single bowls.